R4iXDS 2017


Last Version 2017
revolution for ALL DS
R4iXDS 2017
R4i XDS is a flash cartridge consoles DS (supports DSi, 2DS, 3DS, 3DS XL) series. The cartridge is an updated version of R4 with multi-media features and enhancements that allow you to use the most games and homebrew applications. These cartridges have been a hit with NDS users worldwide.
  • Upgradeable
  • Maximum compatibility with games
  • Maxima update
R4iXDS 2016
R4iXDS 2015
R4iXDS 2014
R4iXDS 2016 Black
Cartridge for consoles with versions up to 7.1.0
R4iXDS 2015 Black
Cartridge for consoles with versions up to 7.1.0
R4iXDS 2014
Cartridge for consoles with versions up to 6.3.0


Important: If you have the Blue R4i card DO NOT upgrade your console to version 6.3.0 as the Blue R4i card will be unusable for consoles with version 6.3.0 or lower is necessary to have the pink R4i card.

It is advisable not to update the console software for the R4i card is not unusable.

The software installation for the R4i card is a very simple process But it might not be as easy for the person who has never done, so we've created this mini tutorial software installation for the R4i card.

Firstly we will start by explaining what is R4i:
- The R4i is a adapter as the same size as an game for DS, DS Lite, or DSi.
- With this adapter we can extend the functionality and possibilities of our console.

Enabling to store and view photos, videos and music and besides it also allows us to save our backup data and games.

For the adapter to work, With a R4 card you will also need a MicroSD memory card. It exists from 1 GB to 16 GB. The most common memory used is 4 GB or 8 GB.

Once the R4 MicroSD card and have What I have to do to make it work?

  1. Firstly we need to format the MicroSD card. For that we will put it in a MicroSD card reader.
  2. Put the Reader in the PC and right click the mouse button and then do Format card. We have to format it in FAT or FAT 32 format.
  3. Then download the Programme / Update from the web. The programme will  download in a compressed or in a Zip file.
  4. When you have the file on your PC, you need to unzip it. To unzip it you need to right click the mouse button on the downloaded file and click unzip or unzip here. So you need to copy the unzipped files directly in the MicroSD card. In the Root (directly) on the MicroSD card. You do not need to create any folder in the MicroSD card.
  5. After the unzipping of the files you will get 2 files. ¨__rpg¨¨_DS_MENU.dat¨. These two files you need to copy directly in the formatted memory card. Not inside any folder.  Directly in the memory card.
  6. With this the card is ready. Now you turn on your DSi, just CLICK on second icon which indicates the SD Card and you're ready to go.

You can store as many files as you want. (games, music, pictures, videos or software) Depends how much space you have on the card. For convenience you can create multiple folders within the MicroSD card for example, games, music, videos, etc.. and within each folder put the files of that type.



R4iXDS 2017

Last Version

December 2016
R4iXDS 2015 / R4iXDS 2016

Last Version

December 2015
R4iXDS 2014

Version 7.1.0

February 2014
R4iXDS 2014

Version 6.3.0

November 2013



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